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Advantages Of Using Business Cards As A Marketing Tool


Nowadays, there are many kinds of marketing tools on the market. It is true that internet marketing has taken over offline marketing in a number of ways. However, this does not mean that traditional marketing tools like business card have lost its popularity. This is because there are various advantages of using business cards as a marketing tool.

Effective Marketing Tool

In today’s rushing world, time is a very important factor for many businessmen. So, the easiest way to make new contacts might be to give out business cards. For example, if you happen to go for a special training to improve your business or some other event where there are various businessmen, giving out business cards might be best. Some of them may not have the time or inclination to take down your contact details.

Approaching someone at the top like the CEO of a company to ask for contact details might not seem appropriate. He may not like it. The easier and safer approach would be to give a business card to him. Such a card is usually the size of a credit card. It usually fits nicely into a slot in a man’s wallet, making it a good choice as a marketing tool.

There might be times when the person may take it out and think of your company. He may carry it with him and pass your company’s details to another businessman who may need your company’s products or services. The trick is to gain the recipient’s full attention so that he takes a good look at your business card. Select a double-sided card if possible.

Print something, which can be used as reference one side and key information about your company on the other. Think about creating an eye catching or unique design, which may want a person to take a second look and keep it too. Coat the card if it is possible so that it lasts longer. If you can afford to do so, include something valuable on the other side of the card. For example, you can add a commemorative stamp, which carries some monetary or sentimental value.

Cheap Marketing Tool

Compared to many other kinds of marketing tools, business cards are rather cheap. For saving more money, order and pay for them via the internet. The virtual world has shops from all over the globe. Therefore, apart from shopping around and getting them for low prices, you also have the chance of selecting from various designs. Many of them offer their customers the chance to choose from readily available designs, which may only need the inclusion of company logo and other relevant details prior to printing.

Ordering a large quantity is usually cost saving. You may even get a discount of twenty percent or more. Immaterial of whether you opt for luxury full color business card printing or any other kind of printing, the cost might still be low. For something different, choose a flower shaped card or any other card shape instead of the common rectangle type. There might not be much difference in cost.

Although there are more marketing tools on the market nowadays, business cards still hold a key position as a cheap and effective marketing tool. When it comes to business or incidental meetings, giving out business cards might save the time needed to take down the details of your company.

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