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Front door – your protection and safety


What are the requirements for the front door? The main thing is protection. We should keep the confidence that we are protecting our home from extraneous encroachments by closing the door. In this case, metal entrance doors are considered the most reliable. It is these entrance doors, as a rule, that enjoy the greatest popularity among customers. Learn why metal entry doors are the most dependable choice for securing your home at TheKitchenStoreOnline.com.

How to choose the right entrance metal door? A significant part of the entrance metal doors is designed individually for each specific case. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to take into account many diverse factors: the degree of security of the premises (depends on the presence or absence of security, concierge, video surveillance, alarm); type of walls, thickness of the wall in which the door will be installed; height and width of the doorway; the configuration of the near-door space; room interior; security level and so on.

Thus, in order to choose the best option, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the factors influencing the correct choice and installation of a metal door.

The design of a modern metal door consists of several standard elements. The base is a rectangular frame. As a rule, this is a frame with one or more stiffeners – ribs or beams, which are located vertically, horizontally or crosswise. Steel sheets are welded over the frame.

The door frame is made of high strength steel. It, as a rule, can be both single and consisting of several profiles.

Inside, a metal armored door can be hollow or filled with sound and heat insulating material. Synthetic or natural fillers can be used as such material. The best option that fully meets the requirements for the filler is considered to be mineral wool, which is the most suitable in terms of its installation and environmental properties.

The gaps between the door frame and the opening are filled with mounting foam, and platbands are installed on top that will close the mounting seams on the entrance metal door.

Given the heavy weight of armored doors, it is desirable to use reliable hinges for them. For example, hinges on a bearing. Ordinary hinges may not withstand such a significant load, as a result of which the door leaf may sag and the armored door may skew relative to the frame.

When choosing metal doors, special attention should be paid to locks. We recommend installing two locks in order to make it as difficult as possible for unauthorized entry into your home. At the same time, it is desirable that the locks should be of different types.

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