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5 Steps To A Successful Wedding


You might be forgiven for thinking that a successful wedding hinges on both parties arriving at the church, saying “I do” and the new in-laws getting on, but there are far more important factors that make for a successful wedding day.

After all, it is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life and, ideally, a day you only get to have once, so anything you can do to ensure that everything goes without a “hitch” (excuse the pun), can only be beneficial and take away some of the stresses of your happy day.

While I can’t personally deliver your partner to the venue to go through with the wedding, I can advise you on five factors of the whole day that – if done correctly – will form a part of the most memorable day ever.

Don’t forget the rings. Obviously, forgetting the rings is a big no-no. While it’s the job of the best man to bring them, if you double, triple, even quadruple check that they have them – almost to the point of him throwing them at you and telling you to hang onto them yourself – you’ll start married life without an angry partner wondering where the symbol of your marriage is.

Choose your favourite time of year. If you’re a fan of a specific time of year, try and book the wedding for then, when you know you’re likely to get the weather you so desire to cap your day off. After all, you don’t want it to rain (although they do say that it’s a sign of good luck) if you book your wedding for the summer. Winter weddings are proving to be particularly popular of late, with couples celebrating in the crisp, picturesque conditions – just remember to wrap up a bit warmer than you would in July!

Rehearse your speech. You need to consider the audience that you’ll be presenting your speech to. A few jokes are always good, but if they turn out to be somewhat distasteful it could fall flat, but by practicing your speech both to yourself and an impartial friend you can get an honest opinion on whether you need to turn it down a notch, make it shorter or longer, or maybe mention your partner in glowing terms a bit more!

Get the best location for the wedding and reception. A common mistake is booking a venue that looks ideal for your reception when empty, only to appear to be cramped and too small when it’s full of tables and guests. Go along to the venue on a busy day (don’t crash a wedding though) and get a real feel for whether or not it’s the right place for your 90 guests. The location for the actual wedding is key too, as that’s the place that you’ll always remember for the location of your wedding – make sure it’s a place that’s memorable and full of character and, ideally, relatively local to your reception.

Choose the ideal entertainment. Getting the entertainment right for the night do is also key, making it a real celebration. You don’t want to just put a standard CD prepared by the venue on to dance to, you want someone professional, like this wedding DJ hire company, to provide an act that is going to have people actually on their feet enjoying the music and helping you to celebrate your big day in real style.

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