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Feng Shui cooking and eating place


Not all kitchen furniture factories can create furniture according to Feng Shui rules.
Bulletin board From hand to hand will help you buy a kitchen in Rostov-on-Don in accordance with all your wishes. An important Feng Shui rule is that the places of cooking and eating food should be separated from each other. If the “footage” allows, you need to organize 2 zones: in one place the stove and the cutting table, and in the other the dining table. You can separate them with a decorative partition-screen. If you can’t “squeeze” 2 zones into your kitchen by any means, get used to having lunch and dinner in the living room, organizing a “meal corner” there, which must be separated from the “sleeping corner”.

In order to properly “furnish” the kitchen, you will have to take into account the interaction of various elements – first of all, Water and Fire. These two elements conflict with each other and should not be next to each other. The fiery energy is “represented” by a stove, a toaster, a coffee maker. And Water – a refrigerator and a sink.

A “water” refrigerator should not be next to a “fire” stove, just like a sink. The last omission is the most common and creates the so-called “sha qi”, that is, conflict energy, and it can upset not only digestion, but also the ambitious aspirations of the head of the family.

Correcting an unfortunate mistake is not difficult: it is enough to place a third, friendly, between two conflicting elements. This is the same Tree that we have already mentioned – any object made of wood (especially green) is able to “reconcile” the sink and stove if it is located between them.

In general, everything should be in its “energy” places – for example, a white refrigerator near the southwestern wall will strengthen love relationships, and a green one in the southeastern corner will help patch holes in the budget. But in the south it should not be placed at all, place a toaster or a red vase (the element of Fire) there. They will contribute to the career growth of the owners. Any black utensils or trinket (Water) placed in the north will help to think not only about the carnal, but also about the spiritual, and will increase the cultural level of the family.

All-metal surfaces in the design of furniture, which have recently become fashionable, are not welcome. They dramatically increase the element of Metal and instill nervousness in the hearts of the household. There is no place for living plants or flowers in pots in the kitchen at all – they carry too active male “yang” energy with them and are able to quarrel with family members. If you can’t do without green friends, limit yourself to one plant looking up, for example, dracaena or Benjamin’s ficus.

The energy center of the kitchen is not the table, as is commonly believed, but the stove. The ideal option is when, while cooking at the stove or cutting table, the hostess can see everyone who enters without turning around. To do this, hang a mirror at eye level – it also visually increases the volume of the kitchen. And vice versa – the stove should not be visible from the front door of the apartment and from the bedroom, in the first case the quality of food will suffer, in the second – marital relations.

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