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Retail Layout Tips To Drive Sales


If getting customers to buy the things they needed and wanted was as simple as simply putting them on display in the store, there would not be whole companies devoted to researching consumer psychology or helping companies figure out the most appealing packaging for a product. How things look is very important, and can be the deciding factor in whether a consumer will shell out his hard-earned money at your store. Here are some tips to consider for the layout of your retail establishment.

Allow Ample Walking Space

Encouraging sales is all about creating a pleasant shopping environment; your retail layout should include plenty of space for people to easily walk around. Aisles should have enough room to accommodate the flow of traffic in both directions. Research by consumer behavior experts have found that people will avoid looking at merchandise if it will bring them in close proximity with someone’s backside. If you will be placing product displays throughout a store where people are using shopping carts, there should be enough space to place the cart while the person examines what is on offer.

Use ‘’Social Proof’’ Tags

Just like a lot of cars in the parking lot can indicate a good restaurant, letting customers know what products other consumers are buying most may sway them to purchase the same exact product. After all, knowing other people like something is a good indicator we may like it too. So, if you have one particular beauty product selling like hotcakes, let customers know which one. To find out more about the important types of social proof tags, visit this website: https://www.blogs4us.com/  

Make Prime Merchandise Easy to See

While you cannot place every item in a prime viewing spot, you should at least make sure to do so for the items that are the most popular or you are hoping to draw attention to. These hot items should ideally be at eye level, but no lower than knee level. If you are selling items that you are wrapping up in packaging yourself, make sure you get quality bags that make the contents look attractive and easily visible; good plastic candy bags, for example, should stand upright, which helps create a more attractive layout that minimizes shelf space. To discover more simple wrapping tips and tricks, visit this website: https://colonialsun.com/  

Make the Most of Display Cases

Attractive display cases can be a boon for your retail business; you can draw attention to your nicer items, such as jewelry or a hot new product that you want to make sure your customers see. Placing them near the cash register can also be a good idea to encourage impulse purchases.

Setting up the Entrance

Research has found that customers tend to go right when they enter a store and work their way back around to the front so plan your merchandise accordingly.  Consumer behavior experts have also found that customers need a moment to orient themselves when they first walk in a store, and that they likely will not fully notice any displays within 15 feet of the door. You want to make your store seem inviting so it is important to make the entryway and the first part of the store visually appealing.

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