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Business under new rules


Trading operations on the Internet are not quite similar to those we are used to in everyday life. The buyer sees the product in the picture. He cannot hold it in his hands. Just like trying on. Therefore, in a certain sense, you have to buycat in a bag. To get around this situation, they go to real stores. For example, household appliances. Find the same model on the shelves. They ask the consultant to turn it on, tell about the characteristics. And then they place orders online. Often they are looking for them or representative offices in their region, typing in the search: “ Poltava online store ”, for example. Because the price is cheaper there. Although not in all. In national – yes, in regional – a little lower than in real ones. But not to the extent that it matters. And many trade portals have their own points of issue of orders in the regions. This is convenient, but Ukrainian service and diligence is a fickle thing.

It’s one thing when you pay money and immediately pick up the goods. Another is when you pay and wait. Or you didn’t pay, but you’re waiting. In both cases, you save some money, but it is completely incomprehensible whether the goods are in stock or the seller, having received an order, does not have it and orders it from somewhere. A typical “Soviet-style” business: “Will you buy a wagon of jam for a million? Yes. One ran to look for a million, the other wagon saw jam. And for a favorable price, you spoil your nerves by getting consultants: where is my product, when is it shipped, when will it arrive, why is it taking so long, etc. Already there are thoughts to refuse the purchase. So virtual merchants still have to work and work in this direction. Reputation is earned for a long time, and you can lose it in one moment. Again, customer loyalty. Politeness and standards of communication on the phone is good, but no specifics, excuses and a minimum of information. After such cases, you begin to love traditional trade: you came, you saw and you bought.

Porthos was right when he said that the more he gets to know people, the warmer he feels for horses. This is metaphorically applicable to many areas of life. It is imperfect and not everyone adheres to the rule of teamwork, when everyone in their place must do their job with high quality. It seems that it is not difficult, but as soon as someone falls out of the chain, the system fails. And there are a lot of people falling out of it. Someone is lazy, someone minds their own business. Still others are not satisfied with the salary and when they come to work, they do a favor, and they fulfill their duties. So we will not build a bright future.

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