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Safe computer work


It’s no secret that a computer, like other household appliances, emits radio waves that are harmful to our health. Among other things , the computer is an integral part of life , whether it’s work or study. Even small children spend hours at the computer. How can we make sure that the PC has less of an impact on us and our kids?

Question 1. Children and the impact of computer radiation on them

The child spends a lot of time at the computer. The radiation affects his vision, and the games he plays take up all his free time. Most parents cannot understand how to save their child from the influence of the computer. However, there is a way out. Some versions of the OS have such a feature as “parental control” that will turn off the computeras soon as the parents see fit. It is enough to set a limit on the time that the child will spend at the monitor, and enter the data into a special program of your OS. However, many children are so developed that they can get around the restrictions and play games in other places, regardless of the parents’ opinion. In this case, the author does not undertake to advise anything, only because he himself is not a specialist in raising children, and each family has its own methods of raising the younger generation.

Question 2. Work and computer

In many, but almost in all companies , computer networks have already been installed . Documents have long since been converted into electronic form, and it has become much easier for staff to search for information on the Internet and company databases. No need for many hours of traveling through the archive and searching for information in tons of old pieces of paper. It is enough to enter data into the search bar, and in a second you will receive hundreds, if not thousands of solutions to the problem. However, not everything is as good as it seems. For all this to appear, you need to sit at the computer for hours and enter data. This information also needs to be updated. Long hours of work at the computer affects the health and vitality of a person. You need to take breaks. 1-2 times per hour for 5-10 minutes, it is enough to walk to the chief’s office, or just leave your office. If there is no such frequent opportunity to leave, you should periodically be distracted by walking around the office, or go out into the fresh air for 20 minutes every 3 hours. This is a method tested by many of the author’s acquaintances, but it does not always work, because not everyone has the opportunity to escape. If there are problems with the PC , then it is better to repair the computer immediately and not delay it. An unstable PC will bring a lot of additional frustration and inconvenience.

Question 3. Pregnancy and the computer

During the period of preparation for motherhood, a woman should spend less time at the computer, reducing her pastime to walking and playing sports, because the radiation also affects the fetus. During pregnancy, you should take long breaks for 1-2 hours, devoting time to a walk in the fresh air and thoughts about the baby.

In general, it will not be possible to completely protect oneself, but these methods will minimize the harmful effects of radiation on the body. It is also not recommended to wear phones and smartphones close to the body, since the radiation is almost the same as that of a computer (affects internal organs, especially the reproductive system).

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